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Vogel Sales Associates, Inc.

Manufacturers Representatives

Off-Shore Castings

Vogel Sales Associates, Inc. can offer fully machined castings and assemblies from a multitude of Far East foundries. We have relationships with over 15 foundries, offering the following types of castings:

  • Alloy Steel and Stainless Steel Casting and Machining
  • Aluminum Die Casting and Machining
  • Aluminum Permanent Mould Casting and Machining
  • Aluminum Sand Casting and Machining
  • Brass Casting and Machining
  • Ductile Iron Casting and Machining
  • Grey Iron Casting and Machining
  • Investment Casting and Machining
  • Zinc Die Casting

Our Aluminum Die Casting foundries have machines ranging up to 2,000 Tons. We currently provide castings to numerous industries, including: Lighting, Railroad Marine, Lawn & Garden, Agricultural, and Construction.

We have access to numerous warehouses across the U.S. and Mexico. Clinton, NC is our largest with approximately 500,000 square feet. Additional warehouses are located in Laredo, TX, CA/MX border, AZ/MX border and Monterrey Mexico.

Zinc Die Cast Assembly

Polished Chrome Finish