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Vogel Sales Associates, Inc.

Manufacturers Representatives

Harmony Castings is ISO 9001:2008 Certified, AS9100 Certified and ITAR Compliant. Harmony manufactures aluminum castings using the V-PROCESS. This process produces quick turn-around, high-value castings. V-PROCESS benefits include:

Zero Degree Draft - This is a unique feature of the V-PROCESS, which reduces weight and machining.

Thin Walls - The V-PROCESS allows wall thickness of 0.125" over large areas and 0.09" in small areas.

Tight Tolerances - The V-PROCESS produces castings approximately twice as accurate as typical sand castings.

Unlimited Pattern Life - We guarantee the pattern will last the life of your product.

150 RMS Finish - Compared to 250-550 for sand and 200-500 for permanent mold.

Excellent Casting Integrity - With our automated molding line, the casting dimensions are repeatable.

Speed to Market - FAI and prototype castings in 3-4 weeks after receipt of order.

Blood Analysis Machine

Casino Table Leg

Chip Tray

Why choose the V-PROCESS? See our Aluminum Castings Process Comparison chart HERE.

Computer Housing

Computer Readout Machine

Drill Sharpener

GPS Arms


Industrial Printer

Seat Back

Telecomm Housing

Urinalysis Machine