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Vogel Sales Associates, Inc.

Manufacturers Representatives

Clearfield Metal Technologies is a manufacturer of highly engineered, custom powder metal components. Clearfield's powder metal compacting presses range from 15 Tons to 500 Tons. We have both single action and multi-action capabilities which enable us to produce net shape, multiple level engineered components. Clearfield's sintering furnaces range from 12” to 24” belt capacity, and possess electronic control systems that precisely monitor key process inputs such as belt speed, furnace temperatures, and atmospheric flow.

Shift Fork

Water Meter Component

Aluminum Part

Clearfield offers the following powder metal materials:

Iron/Iron Carbon Steel * Copper Steel * Nickel Steel * Copper Infiltrated Steel * Copper * Brass * Bronze

Stainless Steel * Soft Magnetic * Super Alloys * Aluminum

Gas Ferrule

Internal Gear Motor Housing

Lawn & Garden Pulley Hub

Clearfield offers the following secondary operations:

Oil Impregnation * Resin Impregnation * Heat Treatment * Plating (Zinc, Nickel, etc…) * Steam Treat

Black Oxide * Black Nitride * Turning * Milling * Threading * Honing * Grinding

Lawn & Garden Pulley Hub

Pump Gear

Running Board Shafts

Our product types include, but are not limited to, the following:

Internal Gears * External Gears * Helical Gears * Bevel Gears * Levers * Brake Pistons * Valve Plates

Pump Rotors * Pump Vanes * Gerotors * Controls * Bushings * Lock Nuts * Shock Seals

Clutch Shoes * Sockets * Fulcrums * Pulleys * Pawls * Plates

Farm & Tractor Pitman Housing

Welding Component

ABS Sensor Bracket